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A Poster for "Generally Hospital" Show

The Poster for the Show

Calling all Comedy Lovers! Don’t miss the adapted performances of “Generally Hospital” at The Fringe Festival in Toronto, this July! 

“Generally Hospital”, a sketch comedy revue, will be performed at this
year’s Toronto Fringe Festival, from July 4th to 15th at the Tarragon

“Generally Hospital” is a comedic show about a serious place: the hospital.
From impossible rules for newborn babies, songs about death, and finding love in a room filled with farts: you are in for an hour of laughter, tears, and other bodily functions.

This show lifts the veil that shrouds the medical institution and shows that when it comes down to it, we’re all human. The creators of the show strongly believe in the power of laughter to ease people into potentially tense and personal subject matter, and as a tool to connect us all and foster empathy while ultimately having a positive experience. 

To provide better access to the show, the producers are excited to be offering the following adapted performances:

Relaxed performance (July 13th)

In this performance, we welcome all patrons including those with an autism
spectrum condition, sensory or communication disorder, ADD/ADHD, a learning
disability, or anyone who would benefit from a relaxed atmosphere. During
the performance patrons will be free to exit and re-enter the theatre,
retreat to a quiet space if experiencing sensory overload, or speak out
loud. It will also feature pre-show information (such as when to expect
loud noises), a reduction in special effects lighting, and partially dimmed
house lights.

ASL interpreted performance (July 14th)

This performance will feature 2 interpreters who will stand in a clearly
visible position at all times and interpret the spoken and heard aspects of
the show using American Sign Language for patrons who are Deaf or have
hearing loss.

Audio described performance (July 15th)

This performance will improve access for patrons who are blind or
partially sighted. It may also benefit an older audience who might not
class themselves as having a disability. Kat Germain from Live Audio
Describe will provide a live verbal description of the essential elements
of a performance (sets, costumes, and non-verbal onstage action) in order
to help listeners share the total experience.

The venue is also wheelchair accessible, and assistive listening devices
are available through the theatre.

Order your tickets on the show’s page on the Fringe Toronto Festival’s website. 

Send us your reviews of the adapted performances!